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Confetti balloons are balloons that are filled with small pieces of paper or other materials that are designed to create a festive atmosphere when the balloon is popped. They are often used at parties and other celebrations as a way to add a fun, playful element to the event. To make confetti balloons, you can fill the balloons with small pieces of colored paper, tissue paper, or even confetti from a confetti cannon. You can also add a small amount of helium to the balloon to make it float, or you can simply blow it up with air and hang it from the ceiling or attach it to a balloon weight. Confetti balloons can be popped manually by hand or with a pin, or you can use a confetti cannon to create a bigger blast of confetti when the balloon is popped.

Nothing says a party like balloons or confetti. We put them together and make them even better!

Confetti and glitter are must-have attributes for any party. These sparkling pieces always keep the atmosphere festive and are associated with happiness and fun. You can use confetti at various events such as graduation parties, weddings, baby showers, homecoming, Halloween, Christmas, and birthdays - everything can shine. Confetti just makes everything better, it's a fact!

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