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12 inch gold confetti balloons

gold confetti balloons will take your celebration to new heights. Fill these transparent balloons with air or helium to wake up the disc-shaped foil confetti. Tie them to windows or furniture with string (sold separately), or tie them to walls, ceilings or entrances with tape to emit a shining light.

TypeConfetti Balloons
Size12 inch
BalloonColorTransparent Color
Confetti ColorRose Gold, Gold, Silver, Blue, Pink, White, Green etc.
Material100% Nature Latex
OccasionWedding, Valentine's Day, Baby Shower, Graduation, Anniversary, Birthday Party, Balloon Cake Topper etc.


Product Description


Gold Confetti Balloons

Non-toxic and Safe 

Balloons are made of 100% natural latex imported from Thailand. They are safe to be used for children

Popular Decorations 

These confetti balloons are widely used as decorations for birthday party, wedding party, anniversary party, bridal shower, performance, ceremony and so on

Pre Filled Confetti 

Don't fuss with stuffing your own confetti! Easy your mind with these mess-free pre-filled balloons


Colors Each balloon comes with brightly colored confetti

Advantages of Gold Confetti Balloons

[Safe play]: These gold confetti balloons are made of imported high-quality materials. It is non-toxic, thick and not easy to eject. They are environmentally friendly products that can be used and played safely by both adults and children. While rotating the balloon evenly, rub the inflated object on the hair, clothes or carpet to generate static electricity. Static electricity helps to stick confetti on the balloon. Helium or air is suitable. High-quality helium gas and inflating the balloon to its maximum size will make it float for 8 hours (although it cannot be exceeded because it will pop!) Don't forget to tie the balloon tightly!

[Gold Confetti Balloons]: A set of gold confetti balloons including 50 glitter party balloons. They are all filled with gold confetti that has been placed in a transparent latex balloon. They can both contain helium and air. Perfect to decorate any party.

[How to stick confetti]: The beautiful gold confetti balloons look very beautiful, with gold confetti wrapped around the gold confetti. The best way to wipe the surface of the balloon with a dry towel or hair and silk. And it is recommended to use a pump to inflate quickly to make the paper scraps easier to stick. These confetti balloons use high-quality thick and durable latex material, 100% natural material, non-toxic. An uninflated transparent balloon is light yellow, but the more you explode, the more transparent it will be. Each iridescent balloon is pre-installed with gold confetti with a diameter of 0.6 inches. We use aluminum foil confetti instead of confetti to make it easier to stick to the balloon and brighter.

12 inch gold confetti balloons

[Multi-occasion]: These party balloons are suitable for decorating any party. For example: baby shower, wedding, birthday, bachelor party, retirement party, graduation, return to school, new year, anniversary party, bridal baptism, etc. Add a romantic and festive atmosphere to your party. Decorating your party with our confetti balloons is a stylish way to make your party theme full of dynamic and surprise. These gold confetti balloons will undoubtedly be placed in booths or any room, they are also luxurious decorations for outdoor activities. They can be used as baby shower balloons or wedding balloon columns or table balloon bouquets for birthday parties. It is also a romantic environment for bridal gifts, marriage proposals, engagements and events.

12 inch Confetti Balloon12 inch Confetti Balloon


The size of a fully inflated and uninflated latex balloon is 12 inches

Before inflating, dispense a pack of 0.5 ounces of confetti in the balloon through the included funnel

New Year’s Eve party, wedding, anniversary party, birthday party or holiday party

12 inch gold confetti balloons

12 inch gold confetti balloons

12 inch gold confetti balloons


  • Q: How long is the mass producing(lead-time)?

    That is based on qty, printing designs and colors. Usually need about 5 days to print 10000 pcs balloons. If it is one 20' container , usually need about 25 days to finish.

  • Q: Is customized logo and shape available?

    Yes, customized logo and shape is available.

  • Q: How can we process the order?

    When you confirm the orders, we will send proforma invoice to you and start manufacturing or printing after get your payment. We can finish orders within 7-25days based on your orders. 

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