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18 Inch Blue Confetti Balloon

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Product Description


Balloon Name

Confetti Balloon

Balloon Size

12’’ /16’’ / 36’’

Balloon Weight

12'' balloon weight: 2.8g/3g/3.2g

16'' balloon weight: 8g

36'' balloon weight: 24g

Balloon Confetti

Multiple Colors


All Love Occasion


With customers’ requirements

How To Use?

-- Inflate the balloons with a pump.

-- Shake them to make confetti distributed.

-- Rub on a carpeted surface to let confetti cling to the sides.

after inflation, rub the balloon with a soft cloth (or your t-shirt) to create static and the confetti will stick to the walls

  • The confetti was at the bottom of the balloon, and if you shake the balloons, the static keeps the confetti up.

  • In order that the confetti float in the balloons, stretch the balloon before inflating. Rub inflated balloon against hair, carpet, or wool. Move balloon around when rubbing.

  • Spray a little bit of water into the balloon and rub it on the carpet, the confetti is easier to stick to the sides of balloons.

  • The beautiful confetti balloon makes your party attractive. These confetti balloons will be a beautiful scenery. And you will get a colorful shower after blast the jumbo balloon.

  • Moderate amount confetti has been put into the Balloons,so you can use them directly

  • Popular Decorations : These confetti balloons are widely used as decorations for birthday party, wedding party, anniversary party, bridal shower, performance, ceremony and so on.

  • 100% natural latex :Confetti transparent balloons made with 100% high-quality biodegradable durable natural latex

  • Pre-filled confetti: Don't fuss with stuffing your own confetti! Easy your mind with these mess-free pre-filled balloons!

  • Pre-filled confetti: Confetti for gold confetti balloons was pre-filled, what you have to do is scrub the balloon on fabric or hair to create electricity so they can stay around the inner balloon, try to be gentle with it to avoid popping

  • Colorful confetti - Each balloon comes with brightly paper confetti or sequins confetti

  • FOR ALL OCCASIONS - Celebrate with your loved ones with these beautiful romantic balloons! Decorate your weddings, engagements, birthdays, holidays, Christmas parties, graduations, baby showers, photoshoots, bridal parties, bachelorettes, and sweet 16!

  • INSTRUCTIONS - For best results, stretch balloon before inflating. Rub inflated balloon against hair, carpet, or wool. Move balloon around when rubbing!

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