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What is the Difference Between Aluminum Foil Balloon and Latex Balloon?

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Balloons are also common in life. When we were young, we used balloons as toys. When we grew up, we used balloons as decorations. Nowadays, balloons are more common in decoration at various events and parties, and the more commonly used balloons are generally available. There are two types, one is aluminum foil balloon, and the other is rubber latex balloon. What is the difference between these two balloons? Today, Custom Balloon Manufacturers will come to talk with you about the difference between aluminum foil balloons and latex balloons. Let’s take a look!

Latex Balloons

Latex Balloons

The difference between aluminum foil balloon and latex balloon:

1. Material difference

There is a big difference in the material of aluminum foil balloons and latex balloons.

Aluminum foil balloon: It is a balloon made of metal film.

Latex balloon: It is a kind of balloon made of rubber material, so their materials are obviously different.

2. The difference between shape, color and pattern

Because the production method is not used, the balloon shape, color and pattern of the two materials is different.

Aluminum foil balloon: The color is relatively rich. There are many colors to choose from, and there are many patterns, and they can also be made according to requirements. In addition, the shape is changeable, and various shapes can be made, whether it is animals, characters, letters, numbers, etc. All can be made, so many balloon toys nowadays are made of aluminum foil balloons.

Latex balloons: The colors of latex balloons are also diverse, and latex balloons are divided into popular colors, crystal colors, pearl colors, and fluorescent colors. There will be different effects, but there will be fewer patterns. And the shape is only round, heart, magic bar, etc., so it is mostly used for decoration.

3.The difference between floating time

Balloons can be floated as long as they are filled with gas that is less dense than air, but the length of the flight time of balloons of different materials are different.

Aluminum foil balloon: Aluminum foil balloons can float for a long time. Generally, they can float for about a week, or even two weeks.

Latex balloons: The floating time of latex balloons is relatively short, and it can float for about three days, or even a week.

4. The difference in production process

The production process of aluminum foil balloons is different from latex balloons. Aluminum foil balloons are made using advanced technology. The balloon mouth can be automatically closed, which can effectively prevent air leakage. Latex balloons do not have this technology. If the balloon mouth does not If it is tightened, it will be easier to cause air leakage.

5. Environmental pollution

The material of the aluminum foil balloon is not degradable, so if it falls on the ground, it will be a kind of pollution, while the latex balloon is different. The latex balloon is a kind of balloon that can be degraded, and there are more materials to make latex balloons. Accelerate the degradation rate of latex balloon, so that the environmental pollution problem is very small. Therefore, latex balloons are more environmentally friendly than aluminum foil balloons.

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