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How do I safely transport a balloon?

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Transporting an inflated balloon so that it remains intact and at the same time prevents your cargo from interfering with your driving can be quite a challenge.

Our first suggestion is to consider inflating the balloon on site. This can be a fairly easy task if you plan ahead, get some help - the kids will love helping out here - and have the equipment you need to get the job done quickly. As for helium-filled balloons, this is also a doable task, if you can keep your helium tank at home. Helium tanks that can be purchased or rented.

How do I safely transport a balloon?

If inflating balloons on site is not an option for you, and you definitely must have them already inflated, then you can follow these steps ......

1. Before you leave the store, make sure your car is as empty as possible. Also, please consider carrying a minimum number of passengers.

2. Check the car for anything that will puncture or damage your balloon, then remove it or cover it with a piece of cloth or foam.

3. If you will be getting fairly large balloons, such as a giant 36-inch (90 cm) balloon, make sure they will fit through the door.

4. When it comes to the number of balloons, don't overdo it. For example, for a hatchback or mini SUV, a maximum of two giant balloons can fit in the trunk of a car with the back seat down. Three to four 36-inch (90 cm) balloons can fit in the trunk of a midsize to large SUV with the back seat down.

In addition, you can install 20 to 30 standard 11-inch (30 cm) inflatable balloons in a hatchback, and 50 of these can be installed in a midsize SUV.

5.Be careful not to expose the balloons to direct sunlight or high temperatures. Cars tend to trap heat inside, especially in hot weather, but also on cold days when there is sunshine. Keep the vehicle air conditioner on while driving to keep the air cool.

6. It is recommended that balloons be packed in balloon bags. These are lightweight, high-density plastic bags with small holes that allow air to escape for easy transport. Balloon bags are reusable and perfect for balloon transportation.

7. Keep your car windows closed while driving so that the balloons do not float around. This way they will not interfere with your driving.

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