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Matte / Pearl Latex Balloon

Latex Balloon Manufacturer

ALO is a manufacturer of latex balloons, made of 100% natural latex, ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) certified, non-toxic and safe to use around children 8+. Various sizes of latex balloons.

What types of balloons are on the market?

Of course, I'm talking about party balloons: round balloons, long balloons, latex balloons, foil balloons, plastic balloons, silicone balloons, etc...

Well, there are many types of balloons and they vary in shape, size, flexibility and material.

There are many types of balloons, in a variety of sizes, made from two main materials: latex balloons (in various shapes and sizes) and foil balloons in various shapes.

Latex balloons add fun to New Year's Eve, Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Mardi Gras, Weddings, Graduation and other special occasions.

What sizes do latex balloons come in?

Be careful when inflating these, making sure to use an inflator with a long nozzle to reduce the risk of the balloon becoming pear-shaped.

Latex Balloon Sizes: From 5", 10", 12", 18" and custom.

To create the optimal balloon arrangement, we use high-quality balloons to ensure long float times, low burst rates, and a wide selection of coordinating balloons such as latex and microfoils.