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12 inch Latex Balloon

Material100% natural Latex
Size12 inch
Weight2.8g / 3.2g
ColorPearl Color and Matte Color
OccasionDecorate Wedding, Valentine's Day, Baby Shower, Graduation, Anniversary, Birthday Party, etc.


Advantages of 12 inch Latex:

Easy to Inflate: The 12 inch Latex Balloon is easy to inflate with air or helium! If you plan to add them to balloon accessories (such as weights with ribbons), we recommend using helium so they float!

Perfect for Any Event: Our Bulk Balloon Decorations are not just for birthday parties! You can add them to engagement parties, baby showers, formal dinners, pool parties and more!

Add Balloon Accessories: Add visual interest to your party space; create fun decorations when you add balloon accessories like ribbons, balloon weights, balloon cups, balloon strips for garlands and more to turn them into the ultimate party decoration Pieces are easy!

What is a normal balloon size?

By the way, the most common round balloon size (which we often use to make balloon designs for events) is 12 or 11 inches.

Standard, Bright and Colorful 

The balloons are available in 64 colors to meet your color needs. And each color is standard with no color differences. 

12 inch Latex Balloon

12 inch Latex Balloon

12 inch Latex Balloon

12 inch Latex Balloon

12 inch Latex Balloon

Fun and Safe Balloons are made of 100% natural latex imported from Thailand. They are safe to be used for children

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Windmill balloons and Windmill factory passed EN71 part 1 2 3 9 12 , SVHC, ASTM, and CPSIA, California’s proposition 65 regulations (“Prop 65”) etc.