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Precautions for the Use of Rubber Balloons

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Latex balloons are balloons made of latex. Most of the balloons in use today are latex balloons. Whether it is decorative balloons or toy balloons, latex balloons are common.

Today, Latex Balloon Manufacturer is here to talk to everyone about the precautions for using latex balloons. Let's take a look together below!

36 Latex Balloons

36 Latex Balloons

1. Pay attention to quality

Although latex balloons are made of latex, there are big differences in quality. Different balloons have different qualities. The quality of balloons depends on the thickness of the balloon and the gel quality of the balloon. If the balloon is very thin, it will burst more easily when in use.

2. Pay attention to the size of the balloon

When using latex balloons, you should also pay attention to the size of the balloon. Whether it is a long strip, a round shape, or a heart shape, you must pay attention to the size of the balloon. There are different sizes of balloons when they are made. The size of the balloon also determines the amount of gas that can be filled. When using it, you must fill it with an appropriate amount of gas according to the size of the balloon, so as to ensure the safety of use.

3. Pay attention to the gas filled

When using latex balloons, it can not only be filled with air, but also other gases to make air balloons, so it can also be filled with helium and hydrogen, but the gas used in the air should also be paid attention to, because hydrogen is a kind of Hazardous gas that is relatively flammable and explosive, while helium is a stable inert gas, so choose helium as much as possible when using it, which is safer, and if there is no way to use hydrogen If it is, please keep away from high temperature and fire source, especially the lighter must be used far away from hydrogen balloon.

4.Pay attention to the sealing does not leak

Latex balloons are different from aluminum film balloons. When using aluminum film balloons, they can be automatically sealed without manual knotting or rope binding. You only need to inflate the air and knead the inflatable mouth. However, latex balloons are more troublesome when sealing due to their nature. If the sealing is not good, air leakage will occur, and because latex balloons are more elastic, if the sealing is not good, pressure will cause leakage. The phenomenon of qi appears, so the latex balloon should be knotted first when sealing, and then tied with a rope, which is more secure!

5. Pay attention to the location and fixation

When using latex balloons, you should also pay attention to the location of use. The location of use should be indoors as much as possible, and there are no harmful weapons around, so that the balloon will not be damaged by external forces. In addition, if it is used outdoors Not only should pay attention to the harmful weapon, but also pay attention to the fixation of the balloon. If the fixation is not done well outdoors, it is easy to be blown away by the wind, so the location environment of the use is still very important.

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