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How to Tie a Balloon?

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As a Balloon Manufacturing Company, share with you.

1. Pinch the end of the balloon with your left hand, set aside about 5mm, wrap the balloon around your index finger, touch the end of the balloon and fix it with your thumb

2. Use your right hand to fix the end of the balloon toward the tip of your index finger. Withdraw your index finger, and push the end of the balloon inward with your right hand. After pushing, pull it out, knot it, tighten it, and then tie it up.

36in Latex Balloons

36in Latex Balloons

The principle is this, because the balloon is smooth and inflated, and the tail end is ligated to form a pattern, which is supported by the inflated balloon.

And the friction of the pattern is very high, and the force generated by its deformation after a few more rotations can't automatically wrap those circles back.

So as long as you don't step on it, twist him and perform vigorous activities, you won't leak.

Extended information:

Do not blow the balloon too much, because if the dart is not strong enough, it may not puncture even if it hits a soft balloon, which can reduce the chance of loss.

2. Find a few or make a few plastic sheets of similar structure by yourself, and then paste a small piece of tinplate on the center of the plastic sheet.

A number of small magnets are sewn vertically and horizontally on the cloth in the form of a checkerboard, so that if one is broken, the other can be sucked up immediately to improve the replacement efficiency.

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