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How to Add Confetti to Your (BOBO) Bubble Balloon

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This special DIY guide shows you how to add confetti to your bubble (bobo) balloons. We show this by using regular inflatable bubble balloons instead of using helium. This is where the stick comes in handy, as it will make your balloon look like a fun lollipop.

Choosing the right size

Because bubble balloons are round, we want to make sure it stays in good shape on the balloon stick. Ideally, you would use foil balloon cups and sticks, but since we're using 10-inch bubble balloons, it fits equally well in regular balloon cups and sticks.

How to Add Confetti to Your (BOBO) Bubble Balloon


How to add confetti to the inside

Since we are using regular air for this bubble balloon, you will need to use 1/4 of the gel and 3/4 of the water mixed together to create the solution. Mix the solution and pump a little into the bubble balloon.

1. Confetti sticks best and well. Aluminum foil confetti will also work, but make sure there is enough solution inside.

2. Massage the solution around the bottom of the balloon until the inside looks a little "soapy"

3. Use a funnel to make it easier to insert the confetti into it.

4. Insert the amount of confetti you want the balloon to have.

5. Insert it and massage it a little, then immediately use the electric pump to inflate it.

6. Inflate to the size you want and tie it off!

Don't forget to read this guide when you try to make your own confetti-filled bubble balloons.


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