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How To Get Confetti To Stick To Confetti Balloons

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Have you ever seen those beautiful giant confetti balloons and want to know how they make confetti stick to them? In this tutorial, I will show you how to blow up a confetti balloon and let the confetti actually stick to both sides.

Gluing confetti to the side of a pre-filled confetti balloon is actually very simple. First, shake the balloon, then build a barrier between the confetti and the rest of the balloon, then apply some high float, then release the confetti and inflate as usual.

How To Get Confetti To Stick To Confetti Balloons


What is a pre-filled confetti balloon

Pre-filled confetti balloons are balloons filled with confetti that you buy. You can match any decoration with many different colors.



When inflating a pre-filled confetti balloon, you basically have three options.

1. You can inflate pre-filled confetti balloons without Hi-Float. If you choose this method, the balloon will not last long and confetti will not stick to both sides of the balloon.

2. You can use Hi-Float instead of this ingenious method, and your confetti will clump and stick to each other.

3. Or you can use the method I'm going to show you to make beautiful balloons full of confetti.


How to make confetti stick to my preloaded balloon.

You will need several things, you will need, high buoys, balloons with confetti, rubber bands, helium or air, possible balloon pumps, tape measures, painter's tape.

How To Get Confetti To Stick To Confetti Balloons


Here's how to get a beautiful confetti balloon like this.

1. Shake the balloon and let all the confetti fall to the bottom of the balloon.

2. Now use a rubber band to form a barrier between confetti and the rest of the balloon.

3. Next, apply some high flow to the blank part of the balloon and float high around the balloon with your fingers to make sure it is evenly distributed around the balloon.

4. Now take off the rubber band and inflate the balloon with air or helium.

5. Shake the balloon by hand and move around as it is inflated so that confetti are evenly distributed.

It should be noted that the use of 100% pure helium helps balloons float better, especially large ones. Sometimes when you get those disposable or recyclable containers, it's not 100% pure helium. You must have enough helium to support your balloon. Insufficient inflation of these giant balloons can cause your balloons to float unevenly or not at all.


Look, now that you have a beautiful balloon full of confetti, we don't even sweat. I hope this article will bring value to your day. If so, consider sharing with friends or your favorite social media. Thank you for your reading!

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