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How Long Will My Balloon Decorations Last?

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"How long will the balloons last? must be one of the top five questions our customers ask. The answer is by no means straightforward; it depends on many factors.

Latex Balloons

Helium Latex Balloons

When filled with helium, an 11-inch latex balloon will typically float for 18-24 hours, but if your balloon has a metal or pearl finish, its average flight time will decrease to 16-18 hours.

Inflatable Latex Balloons

Inflatable latex balloons do not float, however, they have the advantage of usually lasting longer than helium filled balloons. Under the right conditions, inflatable balloons can last for days, even weeks.

Exposure to UV light and air

Latex balloons are made of pure latex rubber, a natural substance that is biodegradable. Once a latex balloon is exposed to sunlight or air, the life of the balloon begins to count down, whether the balloon is inflated or not. That's why it's important to store uninflated balloons in airtight containers or bags, which in turn should be stored in drawers, cabinets or other dark environments.


How can I make my balloon last longer?

The balloon's biggest "enemies" are humidity, heat, direct sunlight, sharp objects and wind.

By eliminating as many of these factors as possible, you can make your blown up balloons last longer.

Inflatable balloon decorations that last the longest (a few days to a month or more) are usually indoors, away from entrances or windows, in an air-conditioned environment with constant humidity and temperature levels.

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