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Confetti Balloons Guide

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Our confetti balloon guide will help you make the most of your balloon, including important tips on how to get confetti to stick to the sides of your balloon.


Air vs. Helium

Filling a confetti balloon with air is the easiest way to get confetti to stick to the sides of the balloon without making it float. 


While helium can make the balloon float, due to its inherent properties, confetti will collect at the bottom of the balloon - see below for key tips to help with this problem. Confetti balloons have a shorter float time due to the increased weight of the confetti inside, so they should be inflated as close to the event as possible.

Confetti Balloon for Birthday Cake Decoration


Inflation methods

1) Use a mixture of air and helium 

We recommend filling the balloon with a few puffs of air (balloon pump) and the rest of the helium. The air will help the confetti stick to the sides of the balloon, while the helium will keep it floating. If you use only helium, you will find that confetti will collect at the bottom of the balloon and it will be difficult to get it to stick.


2) Make sure the balloon is properly inflated

If the balloon is not fully inflated, it may not float due to the weight of the confetti inside, which is one of the most common reasons why confetti balloons do not float. Do not over-inflate the balloon as it will burst.


3) Wake up the confetti

Shake the balloon and rub it around with a natural fabric (such as a wool scarf or sock) to create static electricity and spread the confetti evenly. If you are struggling to get confetti to stick, you are not adding enough air (balloon pump) and there is too much helium in the balloon.


We are a manufacturer of confetti balloons. We are ready for any questions. Please feel free to contact us.


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