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18 Inch Baby Pink Balloon

  • 18inch 

  • Pink series 

Product Description

The specifications of the 18-inch light pink matte balloon are as follows:

1. Size: The diameter of the balloon when fully inflated is about 18 inches. This makes it a standard size balloon, often used in balloon decorations, that can be filled with air or helium.

2. Material: Pale pink matte balloons are usually made of latex. Latex balloons are cheaper and biodegradable.

3. Surface treatment: The balloon has a matte finish which gives it a matte look. The matte finish adds a soft and elegant touch to the balloon.

4. Inflatable: 18 inch pale pink matte balloons can be inflated with air or helium. If you choose to inflate it with helium, it will float and can be used as a centerpiece or decorative element. It won't float if you choose to inflate it, but can still be used as part of a balloon arrangement or as a stand-alone decoration.

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