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Water Balloon Games for Kids

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Water balloons are a summer staple for Monkey Joe! They're perfect for those summer days outside, keeping everyone cool and laughing for hours. Try these fun water balloon games for kids. 


Water Balloon Baseball

You'll need a baseball bat to play this game. Take turns hitting the water balloons and watch the water splash around!

Water Balloon Games for Kids


Water Balloon Basketball 

Grab a bucket or a box and take turns tossing water balloons into the bucket. Then take a few steps back for the next round. Keep going and see how far you can get back! You can also play a round of HORSE using the same setup.


Water Balloon Ring Toss

You'll need a hula hoop or sidewalk chalk to do this. Place the hula hoop on the ground and use it as a target for the balloon/ring toss. If you are using chalk, simply draw a circle for your target.


Water Balloon Deep Squat Game

Set up a starting line a few feet from the water balloon. Have the kids run towards the water balloons and try to be the first to squat on them to pop them.


Duck, Duck, Splash

Just like Duck, Duck, Goose, but instead of Goose, you break the water balloons on people's heads. 


Water balloon pinata

Hang a large water balloon from a tree with a string and then take turns trying to open it. Depending on the age of your child, you may need to use an eye patch. 


Musical Chairs

Play musical chairs as usual, but put water balloons on the chairs. When the music stops and everyone scrambles to grab a chair, they'll sit on it and smash their water balloons!


Pro Tip: Make a game to see which child can find the most water balloon pieces at the end of the day. That way you'll get some help cleaning up the yard! 


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