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Pearl Silver Balloon

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Product Description

Our balloons have undergone multiple quality inspections, and the defective rate is controlled at about 2%. Don’t worry that half of the balloon you received has a hole.

1. Non-toxic and Safe: ALO balloons are made of natural latex, which is ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) certificated non-toxic and safe to be used around children over 8 years old.

2. A Variety of Happy Ways: The balloons can be filled with air, helium or water. You can use them as balloon arches, party decorations, room decorations, kids toys, etc.

3. Durable and Premium Quality: The balloons have great elasticity and don't pop easily, while ensuring customer satisfaction

4. Standard Size: The size of the balloon that is blown up is as large as the description. The balloons have good thickness and long enough neck to easily tie the knot.

5. colors were not sheer and transparent.

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