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How to Use Balloons as Table Decoration

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What you need

● Balloons

● Duct tape

● Ribbons

● Helium tanks

How to Use Balloons as Table Decoration


For holiday celebrations and special events, balloons are an easy and inexpensive way to decorate. Balloons used on tables add a fun and festive touch to centerpieces and plain tablecloths. They are easy to coordinate with specific party colors and blend in with almost any theme. Helium-filled balloons can be used to create floating arrangements or attached to the table centerpiece for extra fun.

How to Use Balloons as Table Decoration


How to use balloons as table decorations

Step 1

Choose a color scheme. Match or contrast the balloons with your choice of linens and tableware. Use a single color for a subtle look, or use multiple colors and shades for a more dramatic effect.

Step 2

Decide where to place the balloons. You can gather several balloons into a bunch and use them as centerpieces; tie some together and secure them to the corners of tables; or distribute them individually throughout the room with fluttering ribbons.

Step 3

Make your arrangements. Once you've decided where you want to use the balloons, create your design. If you are using more than one and changing the height of the helium balloons, don't forget to alternate colors. Use ribbon or tape to hold the balloons together.

Step 4

Attach the balloons to the table. You can glue them directly to the tablecloth or tie them to the table legs. Or, you can attach them to a flower arrangement or balloon weight to hold them in place as part of the centerpiece.

How to Use Balloons as Table Decoration



Keep balloons away from heat sources and light sources that could cause them to burst.


How to Use Balloons as Table Decoration

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