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How to Solve the Balloon Leak Phenomenon?

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As a Custom Balloon Manufacturers, share with you.

Balloons are now mostly used for indoor and outdoor decoration, and there are two commonly used ones, one is aluminum film balloon and the other is latex balloon. The use of these two kinds of balloons is relatively common.

36in Latex Balloons

36in Latex Balloons

However, there is a question about using a sealing machine to inflate the mouth. Latex balloons come in many shapes and can also be made into various shapes. Therefore, the use of latex balloons is still very extensive. Because of the need to make shapes, latex balloons mostly use air. Yes, so it won’t float in the air, and there will be no danger. The leakage of latex balloons is usually caused by the lack of tightness at the inflation port. We only need to process the inflation port again, and then perform the knotting treatment, and the treatment is complete. After that, use the rope to tighten it again to avoid air leakage.

(2) There is another possibility that the balloon body leaks. Because latex balloons are very elastic, they cannot be repaired like aluminum balloons. Therefore, if the balloon body leaks, It can be replaced and used.

Second, the method to prevent the balloon from leaking

1. In order to prevent the balloon from leaking, we should have requirements for the quality of the balloon. Whether it is an aluminum balloon or a latex balloon, we should choose a thicker and higher-quality balloon to use, so that we can try our best Avoid air leakage during use.

2. In order to prevent the balloon from leaking, it must be filled with the right amount of gas according to the size of the balloon when it is inflated, so as to prevent the balloon from leaking due to over-inflation and unbearable.

3. The storage environment of the balloon after inflation is also very important. If it is not used immediately, it should be stored in a cool and dry place, not in a high temperature environment, and away from some sharp objects.

4. In order to make the decoration and arrangement of the balloons go smoothly, or to prevent the balloon from leaking, some spare balloons should be reserved during the decoration and arrangement to prevent accidents.

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