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How to Make a Simple Balloon Decoration

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What you need

● Balloons

● Ribbon

● Baskets

● Arch

● Weight

● Metal rod

● Tulle

● White Christmas tree lights


With the number of shapes, colors and sizes of balloons available, it's no surprise that they are the decorations of choice for many people. Whether you're decorating for a birthday party, anniversary party, retirement party or wedding, you'll find the right design and decorating tips for your party. Inflate balloons with helium and let them rise toward the ceiling, then tie them with small pieces of color-coordinated ribbon. Use the inflatable balloons as centerpieces, arches or anything you like.

How to Make a Simple Balloon Decoration

How to Make a Simple Balloon Decoration 

Step 1

Create your own balloon centerpiece using five helium-filled balloons. Tie a ribbon around the bottom of the balloon and tie each balloon to a small basket. Add contrast and interest by making each balloon a different height and then curling the ends of the ribbon.

Step 2

Build a balloon arch at the entrance to your party. Party supply stores sell pre-made arches, and some stores rent them. Set the arch near the front door of your party and install balloons on each step or horizontal surface of the arch. Use balloons that coordinate with the rest of your decorations.

Step 3

Use balloons to decorate to highlight the cake or buffet table. Make your own weights using balloon weights or by wrapping heavy paperweights in metallic paper. Tie the balloons to each weight and place them behind the cake or food on the table. Try using balloons with longer and shorter ribbons to create an arch setting.

Step 4

Create a balloon arch that sits at the end of the table. Set a metal pole, such as a tent pole with a base, at the end of each table. Inflate the smaller balloons and divide them into groups of three. Then attach the balloons around the poles, alternating between the different colors. Hold the balloons at an angle so that you can create a more interesting look.

Step 5

Cover the ceiling with a design of balloons, tulle and white Christmas tree lights. Drape a long piece of tulle from one corner of the room to the opposite corner, then lay a second piece of tulle along the other two corners of the room. Run white Christmas tree lights, also known as twinkle lights, behind the tulle. Then, decorate the corners with clusters of similarly colored balloons.


Look for arch strips, which are flexible plastic pieces with holes to hold the balloons in place. Set the plastic pieces into an arch, then add balloons to create a quick and easy balloon arch.


How to Make a Simple Balloon Decoration

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