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How Long Can Confetti Balloons Last?

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Confetti balloons are an attractive alternative to ordinary balloons, but how long can they last compared to standard balloons?

After being inflated, the confetti balloon can be used anywhere from six to twenty hours-or even longer. It all depends on the size of the balloon, the concentration of helium used, and the weight of the confetti. According to experience, they usually last eight to ten hours.

Gold Confetti Balloons

Gold Confetti Balloons

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Crazy for confetti

In a way, confetti has been around since the 14th century-but it is not always made of paper. It, however, is always used to celebrate things, whether it's birth, day of birth, engagement, or just general announcements.

According to reports, hundreds of years ago, confetti gained a foothold in northern Italy. Traditionally, the "upper class" would throw petals, small coins, or even eggs filled with perfume at will to announce their celebration.

Eventually, confetti evolved, almost entirely made of paper, not eggs. Nevertheless, even today, confetti is often composed of dried petals and flowers, especially when thrown at weddings.

It is said that in the 19th century, real confetti became a thing after being "created" by Ettore Fenderl. The acclaimed physicist is known for his work in developing the first nuclear bomb, but he also hopes to make confetti more affordable and more accessible. So, the expensive rose petals are gone, replaced by a small piece of kraft paper.

The balloon we see today was officially invented by Michael Faraday in 1924. As the story goes, Faraday needs a reliable method to capture and store certain gases for many of his experiments.

His solution is a simple rubber balloon, which consists of two parts, designed to be "glued" together to form a spherical shape. Once connected, the balloon can be inflated and enjoyed by everyone.

However, the history of balloons can be traced farther afield, and it is said that they can be traced back to prehistoric times. For thousands of years, people believed that animal bladder was filled with air for "multiple purposes."

Today, balloons come in many shapes and sizes, from elongated to huge and spectacular. There are water balloons, hot air balloons, balloons for making complex shapes, and of course confetti balloons.

Combine the two

Confetti balloons are a relatively new concept, and they have been really popular in recent years. They are versatile, highly customizable, and in many cases long-lasting and quite durable. These features are ideal when planning celebrations.

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