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3 Different Types of Balloons for Choosing

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Balloons have the unique ability to amaze people of all ages. No matter what the occasion, they are typical party decorations, which can add excitement to every event. According to different materials, balloons are divided into different types. Today as a balloons supplier, I will introduce the three main types of balloons that are most common on the market today.

Latex Balloons

10 inch Latex Balloon

10 inch Latex Balloon

Latex balloons are the earliest and most widely used balloon types. At first, these balloons were made from dry animal bladder. Latex balloons are derived from liquid rubber, which is derived from the sap of rubber trees that mainly grow in Southeast Asia. This liquid rubber is used to make classic latex balloons.

Although latex balloons usually appear in groups at birthday parties, they are not meant to be kept for too long. The material of latex balloon is porous, and air will gradually leak out of the rubber.

There are several disadvantages to using latex balloons for decoration. These balloons will oxidize quickly, making them look dim. Air currents and sunlight will exacerbate this situation. In addition, compared to other selected balloons, they are made of extremely thin materials and burst easily. Another big limitation is that many people are allergic to latex, so they are not suitable for use in medical or hospital settings.

Mylar/Foil Balloons

Mylar, or foil, balloons go for a bit more than latex balloons, but for good reason. Mylar balloons are shiny and metallic. They are deemed better quality than latex for their appearance, larger imprint areas, and longer-lasting float time.

Mylar balloon can be designed to print an image over the entire foil, making them the perfect option for when your needs to be customized. Most mylar balloons are equipped with a convenient self-sealing valve to ensure a long float time. With latex balloon different, these special types of decorations are made of several materials, not just one material. Polyester film is a kind of nylon, which is the basic material of balloons. Then, aluminum foil is added as a thin layer on the polyester film. Because of the materials used in these balloons, they can have many different shapes, such as numbers and letters.

Vinyl Balloons

Made of UV-resistant vinyl material, it can be used for months or even years. These balloons are attached to a sturdy fiberglass rod and inflated with air, without helium. These balloons are great because they can be placed outdoors and can withstand rain, sun and wind while maintaining their luster and shape. They do not need to be replaced as often as balloons that use helium, which can save money and time in the long run.

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