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Macaron Pastel Balloon

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Macaron Pastel Pink Balloons

NameMacaron Pastel Balloon
ColorMacaron orange, macaron yellow, macaron blue, macaron tiffany blue, macaron green, macaron red, macaron fuchsia, macaron purple
Size5" 10" 12" 18” 36"


Enjoy fun in a safe premise We use 100% natural latex to make balloons. And we advocate bringing joy to children, on the premise of safety.

A Variety of Happy Ways The balloons can be filled with air or helium. You can use them as balloon arches, party decorations, room decorations, kids toys, etc.

Strict QC and Low breakage rate Strict QC process of KMART guarantees that we have lower damage than market standards. That lets you receive a lot of good balloons, reduce balloon waste.