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Light Pink Link Balloon

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Product Description

1. Link Balloons help you use quick links to create various types of structures without monofilament line or other framing materials.

2. Uniform in shape regardless of which ends are tied together

Easy to work with and produce professional results no matter your skill level


Link balloon


6” / 12’’


Standard color


Can be printed 1 side / 2 side / 4 side

How to use and precautions for 12-inch link latex balloons:


1. Inflation: Inflate the balloon with air or helium using a balloon pump or an appropriate inflation tool. Avoid overinflating the balloon as it may burst.

2. Connection: Use the special interface on the balloon to connect two or more 12-inch link latex balloons together. Make sure the balloon is fully inserted and connected securely to maintain the stability of the balloon chain.

3. Decoration: Use the connected balloon chain for decoration, such as hanging on the wall, ceiling or as a table decoration.


1. Inflation: When inflating, avoid excessive force to prevent the balloon from bursting. If using helium, follow safe handling procedures to prevent helium leaks.

2. Environmental precautions: When using 12-inch link latex balloons, the temperature and conditions of the surrounding environment should be considered. Extreme heat or cold may affect the balloon's stability and lifespan.

3. Safety: Place the balloon chain in a safe place away from heat sources and sharp objects to prevent balloon explosion and potential injury.

4. Supervision of Children: If using the balloon chain with children, please make sure they are under adult supervision to ensure their safety.

Please note that the above instructions and precautions are general guidelines and specific guidelines may vary by brand or manufacturer. Be sure to read and follow the product instructions and safety guidelines before using the 12 Inch Link Latex Balloons.

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