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Gender balloon

  • Custom 

  • Gray series 

Product Description

Gender reveal balloons are a fun and exciting way to announce your baby's gender to friends and family. It is usually a large balloon, usually in a neutral color such as black or white, filled with pink or blue confetti or powder. The gender is revealed when the balloon bursts, releasing confetti or powder in the color corresponding to the baby's gender.

Product Description

Gender reveal balloons are usually made from high-quality latex or foil to ensure they don't burst prematurely. They are often sold in kits that include balloons, confetti or powder, and sometimes ribbon or string for hanging. The balloon can be inflated with air or helium, depending on whether you want it to float. The outside of the balloon is often decorated with question marks or phrases such as "Boy or girl?" to create suspense.


  • 1. **Excitement and Suspense**: The main advantage of the gender reveal balloon is the excitement and suspense it creates. The anticipation before the balloon pops makes the gender reveal moment even more special.

  • 2. **Great for Photos and Videos**: Bursts of colorful confetti or powder create great photo or video opportunities. These memories can be cherished for years to come and shared with your children when they grow up.

  • 3. **Multi-purpose**: Gender reveal balloons can be used for various occasions, whether it is a large outdoor party or a small indoor party. They can also be incorporated into other games or activities during the gender reveal party.

  • 4. **EASY TO USE**: These balloons are simple to set up. All you need to do is fill the balloon with the confetti or powder provided, inflate it, and then pop it when it's revealed.

  • 5. **AFFORDABLE**: Compared to other gender reveal methods like fireworks or professional cakes, gender reveal balloons are a more affordable option but still make a big impact.

  • All in all, gender reveal balloons are a fun, exciting, and cost-effective way to announce your baby's gender. It’s a moment of surprise and joy that you and your loved ones will remember forever.


  1. Testing Report: The balloons and factory passed EN71 part 1 2 3 9 12 , SVHC, ASTM, and CPSIA, California’s proposition 65 regulations (“Prop 65”)   etc.

  2. OEM Accepted: We are a 22 years balloon factory and we can meet any of your own designs based on lots of OEM experience.

  3. More than 20 years production, we know how to avoid mistake and quality in ever process.

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