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Balloon Garlands Golden

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Product Description

· Slow things down with the charm and relaxing feel of a luxury themed party. This is a great party theme for children and adults idea.

· Super easy installation:Each kit includes everything needed to create your very own balloon garland. We know it looks intimidating, but no balloon experience is required. Each kit includes everything needed to create the same DIY balloon garland.

· Different Size All in One: An assortment of 18”/10” /5” latex balloons in balloon,a 16.4ft plastic decorator strip and balloon glue dots.

· Save Time:10-14 ft garlands will take approximately 30 minutes. The garland can be created 1-2 days in advance. All balloons ship flat and deflated.Perfect for centerpieces, garlands, banners....the possibilities are endless.

· Professional Balloon Artist:All the balloons we use are made with high-quality, biodegradable latex from our brands. We are also an over 30 years factory, if you have any question about your event,please contact us to get some professional making tips.

A balloon garland is a decorative arrangement made of balloons. To make a gold balloon garland, you will need gold balloons, balloon tape or balloon string, and a balloon pump (if desired). Here are the steps to make a balloon garland:

1. First use the balloon pump to inflate the gold balloons to various sizes. You can choose different sizes to add depth and dimension to your wreath.

2. After inflating the balloons, tie a knot at the end of each balloon to keep the air inside secure.

3. Attach balloon tape or string to the wall, background, or any surface you want to display your garland on. If you use tape, you can stick it directly to the surface. If using rope, you can tie it off or use a hook to hang it.

4. Begin tying the balloon to the tape or string. Insert the tied end of each balloon into the hole in the tape or tie it securely to the string. Continue adding balloons until you reach the desired length and fullness of your wreath.

5. To add more visual interest, you can change the balloon size, mix in other colors or metallic balloons, or even add some greenery or floral decorations.

6. Once all the balloons are attached, you can adjust their position and fluff them to create a cohesive and complete looking garland.

Remember to use caution when handling balloons, especially when using helium-filled balloons. Make sure the garland is properly secured to prevent it from falling or causing any accidents.

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